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Filed Under (My Friends) by Spiro on 25-01-2012

Wow, what an interesting week this has been! My first post stirred many emotions which created a lot of action through texts, phone calls, face2face questions and even concerns. I guess I was looking for a reaction and I certainly got one! People were really interested in what I had to say and responded in a variety of ways.

That got me thinking quite a bit. I thought through and realized that as part of this “re-invention” concept, I had better quickly put the “shoemaker’s syndrome” myth to bed and get to work on my own digital presence. Also, I remembered that Secretary Hillary Clinton’s book,  It Takes A Village was inspired by the idea that “you can’t do this alone”. It’s empowering to accept and believe, that you have to rely, share, trust and learn from other people. I have always been at my best when surrounded by great leaders, teachers, bosses and co-workers.

Okay. Step 1. Let’s think, “Who do I need to talk to first?” I called my friend Harris whom I remembered, help launch his wife’s social media presence a few years ago and somehow, she landed on the Oprah Winfrey Show just 6 months later (more about his wife in a minute). Harris calls himself a “Digital Marketing Magician” and has experience in everything from Direct Marketing to Social… and many cutting edge internet media opportunites.

We talked about my goals and he helped me organize my thoughts around the social media platforms that I actively use in my daily life (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn). We also talked quite a bit about some of the other things going on in the social landscape right now (honestly, Pinterest stands out the most, as the hot new thing). He threw together a quickie flow chart to help me visualize how the conversation flows (below) and how the blog needs to be at the center of it all.

Kewl – I can certainly get my head around that. We agreed that in addition to the new blog, a great starting point was to increase my activity on Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook and get it all working together with my blog. We also agreed to put my bright shiny smile everywhere and have a consistent feel across the blog, Tw, FB, and LI. (at the time of writing – no, we’re not there yet – this is all still “under construction”).In speaking with Harris, I also got talking to his wife,Andrea a bit, as well.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen her – and WOW what a difference a few years make. This girl is a spitfire! Her blog, SavvySassyMoms, is considered one of the top mommy blogs. Andrea, herself, was rated the #5 Twitter Mom by and #1 for Most Influential over Moms on Klout.  The opportunities that being a social media maven have given her are mind-boggling. She’s been flown to Cabo twice, enjoyed comp stays in resorts, has done Red Carpet Interviews at the Golden Globes, interviewed Giovanni Ribisi and Johnny Depp, and … the list goes on and on.She also said it was okay that I mention that she’s launching the Savvy Sassy Network in a few weeks. Thru Savvy Sassy Network, she will be bringing together some of the most influential bloggers and connecting them to Top Brands, PR, Advertising and Marketing Agencies. Pretty neat stuff! If anyone reading this wants a direct connect, please let me know.It was great for me to get the “other side” perspective from Andrea. She’s constantly approached by companies asking her to engage her audience in a variety of ways. From her perspective, there’s plenty that really get it: Ogilvy 360, M80, Zócalo, Fleishman, Formula PR, and she loved working on Windows Phone via Waggener Edstrom. She said Lands End in house PR “really gets it too” and her long standing favorite brand is Ciao Bella Gelato which is repped by AMP.

It was a great meeting and a wonderful day with old friends. Oh, and I have to say, I have known of Andrea and Harris’s children since the oldest one was in Andrea’s belly. This was my first chance to really meet them. I guess Harris said “hey, you’re gonna get to meet Spiro” … and they said “WHO’S SPIRO?? Do you mean CHEERIO”. So, that’s my name with them for now. They are very interesting 7 and 5 years old. They love their hand-me-down iphones and are asking their parents, “when they can Skype with Cheerio”. Very cool little people – adorable, handsome, smart, and most definitely children of the digital age.

Alright enough about Harris and his fab family of four. I’ve got a great post planned for tomorrow telling you about a little experiment I did in LinkedIn and the direction of For now, time to get some rest so I can be a “Cheery Spiro” in the morning – lots to do for an HTC Global project that  I am Producing at Deutsch.

… and Cheerio says ‘goodbye for now’.

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