The House was Blue but our days certainly weren’t….


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spiro and friends at house of bluesWay back in the 90’s, I had the pleasure of working for the House of Blues corporate offices based on the Sunset Strip in LA. It was an amazing time, filled with great food, vibrant art, music from almost every era and an edgy sales team that had wayyy too much fun in each of their jobs! We had venues all over the country and I was thrilled (and honored) to get to a new House almost every week. I’d like to say I had a favorite House, but they were all so incredibly unique with distinct personalities. Every House, as all houses do, was filled with its own family, and I was blessed to be welcomed in to each of them.

I was fed, brilliantly entertained (almost every night), clothed (with some pretty cool swag) and mostly loved by some of these very special people who were my HOB family. I made astonishing connections with a few of those spectacular folks, that have carried into my life today. So with no further delay, let me introduce you to one of these very rare family members…

Please meet my friend Kirsten Hiner;

How we know each other…

I have known Spiro since 1997 when we both worked together at House of Blues.  I worked at the Chicago House of Blues as their Special Events Sales Manager and he was our Corporate VP of Sales based out of Los Angeles.  I have shared many laughs and great times with him.

What I did…

I stayed with House of Blues for 12 years and eventually became their Corporate Sr. VP of Sales.  In 2009, I left House of Blues, put my career on hold, to begin an adventure of a lifetime! My boyfriend’s company has him traveling overseas 80% of the year on projects so I am living the life as an expat and seeing the world.

What do you want to do?

With my 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry I would ideally like to become a Travel Director.  I have worked in hotels and restaurants with an extensive background in sales & catering/event planning so I think I am well rounded for this type of position. It would also continue to give me some flexibility to continue traveling a portion of the year with my boyfriend.

How can you help me? 

Spiro you know everyone!  So I am hopeful that with your numerous connections in the industry, you can connect me to other Travel Directors or individuals who hire Travel Directors for their company.

Kristen, I share in many of your wonderful and fun memories of the early HOB days, and yes, we all do look like babies in that photo from 15 years ago!

I’m sure Kirsten will be a ROCKSTAR as a Travel Director anywhere on this globe. Whoever gets lucky enough to land this smart and talented young lady will be blown away by her skills and gain a very special friend. You can learn more about Kirsten Hiner @ ( and also reach out to her directly thru LinkedIn.



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